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Our Team

Laura Bravo l Co-Founder and Program Director

Laura, Inclusive Surrogacy Founding Partner and Director of Customer Services Mexico - USA, has a degree in Human Resources from ITAM and a postgraduate degree in  Management and Culinary Arts from Du Page University in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.


Laura's vocation of service and dedication to people makes her the ideal person to get in touch with potential parents and guide them through the process of surrogacy.


Her passion for Gestational Surrogacy began when her daughter had twins throughout this process in 2012, after her struggles to carry a successful pregnancy. This made her deeply and personally aware of the importance and feelings involved in the process of Surrogacy.


"It is an immense joy to be able to help in the creation of families, being this an option,  thanks to the advance of the science in assisted reproduction”.

Monika Prochazkova I Director of Client Development

After witnessing how surrogacy makes dreams come true, Monika decided to help others on their surrogacy journey. She worked for several governmental agencies which strengthened her commitment to ethics and professionalism. Her background in diplomacy and international relations has brought her experience in mediation and advocacy which she applies to build relationships between parties and overcome cultural and language differences.


As Director of Client Development at Inclusive Surrogacy, Monika is committed to ensuring each party is comfortable at each step of their journey and receives the highest level of services possible.


Originally from the Czech Republic, she studied languages and business in Prague, CZ, Bournemouth, UK, and Chicago, IL. She received her master´s degree in International Business from the Metropolitan University in Prague. In her spare time, she follows her passion and volunteers for non-profit organizations.

Alejandra Martinez I Director of Client Development - Spain

Alejandra studied Business Administration at the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico and received a Master's Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing from the Camilo Jose Cela University, Madrid in 2005. She met her husband Carlos in Madrid, where she's been living for 15 years. Alejandra has worked for several companies in Mexico and Spain. Her last position was as Director of Human Resources and Marketing at Loetrans, Madrid.


Alejandra and Carlos' surrogacy journey began after they experienced three failed pregnancies. They decided to consider surrogacy as a way to achieve their dream of parenthood. Their dream came true in May 2012, when Martina and Mauro, their adorable twins, were born in the city of Moline, Illinois. Her personal experience motivates her every day to help other intended parents on this incredible journey.


Alejandra enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.  She's forever grateful for surrogacy.

Diego Martinez I Managing Director

Diego, Managing Director of Inclusive Surrogacy, is in charge of Marketing and Public Relations. He studied Marketing and Communications at Columbia College Chicago. His interest for diversity and inclusion led Diego to be part of the San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce as the Vice-president, where he helps to facilitate corporations to create a professional and business relationship with the city of San Antonio, Texas.

Diego’s passion for the surrogacy process was born from his experience of helping others in his community and volunteering in different Non-Profit organizations and also from his experience with his sister, who achieved her dreams of having a family through surrogacy. 

Diego is a great advocate for the community and enjoys meeting and connecting people at a personal and professional level.

Cesar Martinez l Co-Founder

Cesar, Founding Partner and CEO of Inclusive  Surrogacy LLC, is a graduate of Business Administration from the National University in México and has an MBA from the Harvard Business School (IPADE).


Cesar has worked in corporations such as Ford Motor Co., American Express and McDonald's, where he held several executive positions in Human Resources, Franchising and Administration; both in Mexico and in the USA. He has also led worldwide projects in the areas of employer image and organizational culture. His passion for helping others make him create the Ronald McDonald Foundation in Mexico and coordinate this charity in Latin America. Due to his personal and professional experiences at the global level, Cesar has a bicultural approach, which has allowed him to give Inclusive Surrogacy a multinational vision.


His passion for surrogacy began when he witnessed her daughter's frustration for not being able to carry her own baby, which led her to start a  surrogacy journey in the USA. So over time, and with the advice of recognized professionals both in Chicago, Il. as in Madrid, Spain, he decided to create an organization that could help others fulfill their dreams of starting a family.

María José Díaz de Cossio l Intake Coordinator
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 12.03_edited.jpg

As the Intake Coordinator, María José helps and navigates surrogates through the initial stages of their surrogacy journeys and answers all their questions. She'd like to bring more awareness about infertility to others and share her personal experience with going through IVF treatments and infertility herself. María José would like to help others fulfill their dreams of a family. 


María José has a degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, and Visual Arts from the UIA Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and a degree in Art from Arte Scuola a Firenze in Florence, Italy.


María José is a mom and a creative woman, who loves helping others.


"I would like to add value, and be able to make an impact by connecting with others, be a better person and be part of a better happy world"

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