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Surrogacy Process

Following information serve as a basic simple outline of general gestational surrogacy process


Our Inclusive Surrogacy staff will provide you with all information and answer your questions

You will meet with our Program Director during in person or Skype free consultation to discuss your options and preferences


Application part

Filling up your application

Signing Agreement

Completing your profile


In this step, we are committed to finding the right Surrogate mother who meets

your specification based on our detailed questionnaire and application form

We share your profile with Surrogates meeting your preferences, once she is interested we will share her profile with you

If both sides are interested, we will manage a conference call



An appointment for medical screenings of Intended Parents and Surrogate is scheduled at a clinic


Legal steps

Legal contract is grafted by an attorney and reviewed by Surrogate and her own independent attorney

Medical Process at a clinic begins

Medical process will depend on a clinic and a protocol it follows

Our staff will assist you throughout each and every step of your surrogacy journey.

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