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10 reasons to become a surrogate

The decision to be a gestational surrogate is something that not all women can do.

So if you are considering being a surrogate, we have brought a number of

reasons to make you think.

Here are 10 reasons to become a surrogate:

1. Leave a mark on the world. - One family at a time.

2. Give the most precious gift - the gift of life.

3. Your children will learn to help others through their actions.

4. You will be part of a strong community of women - the community of

surrogate mothers.

5. You will help to make a dream come true - The dream of helping those who want

a family and cannot have it on their own.

6. You will do the most selfless thing a person can do.

7. You will be able to help your family financially while having a flexible


8. It will make you feel good.

9. You will be an angel to help someone who really needs it.

10. When you see the eyes of future parents when they have their children

in their arms you will see that it really was worth it.

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