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Can I get pregnant after breast cancer?

Breast cancer occurs more frequently in older women; however not all women react in the same way, at present, there are young women who have suffered from this disease. Here are

several important questions for all women who are going through this disease. Can I have children? What are the risks if I manage to get pregnant? Is it possible to get pregnant after chemotherapy? Do chemotherapies affect my fertility?

The dream of all women is to achieve a pregnancy and have a healthy baby. In response to the above questions, specialists say that breast cancer can affect a woman´s fertility, due to the fact that treatment (chemotherapy) can damage the ovaries, which can sometimes cause immediate or subsequent infertility.

It is recommended to all women who wish to have a child and who are passing or have finished a treatment (chemotherapy), first consult a medical specialist oncologist to determine if it is possible and if the results will be adequate to conceive a baby.

Chemotherapy is a treatment used by medical oncologists to destroy cancer cells. This treatment is given through oral, intravenous or intramuscular medication. These drugs affect

the entire body, one of its effects is that it causes alterations in the ovaries, which causes the absence of menstruation temporarily or permanently. That is why many attentions and cares are recommended.

Not everything is alarming, women can conceive a baby through different alternatives such as assisted reproduction. There are some more complicated and expensive methods than others; however, if you plan to have a child, it is important to talk to your doctor so as not to affect your fertility. You can with your own eggs and sperm of your partner conceive a biological child through surrogacy.

Even so, many women can become pregnant after treatment. The best time to talk to your doctor about fertility is before you start breast cancer treatment.

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