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Could children of same-sex couples generate confusion?

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Millions of children today have same-sex parents (men and women). According to a study

conducted in the USA it was concluded that children of same-sex couples chose the same toys preferred by children in charge of heterosexual families, as well as TV programs and the

same superheroes. At present, there are thousands of families with this family model, which for others can be difficult; however, it is proven that they are happy children with a good quality of life.

In a more recent and more important study, conducted by Patterson with 37 lesbian mothers in San Francisco, most of whom had children by artificial insemination, they also found no appreciable personality disorders or behavioral problems.

What questions can I expect?

Children at an early age are often very curious so they often ask many questions. It is better to answer honestly and safely. When they reach the age when they coexist with other children, they will start having even more questions and will want to know about their background. It is best to give them affection over time and it will make sense of the child´s life. In the stage of adolescence, it is considered good to guide them sexually as any heterosexual couple.

How can I support my children?

  • Show unconditional love, that your children feel loved and that you always be with them.

  • Have fun together and enjoy every moment you spend together.

  • Talk to your child; communication is key in this different situation.

  • Build a strong relationship with him and let him know who he is, why he is here in the world and clear up all his doubts.

  • Search for families like yours. There are many families with same-sex couples, this is key and fundamental because they can share experiences.

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