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Why Become a Gestational Surrogate in San Antonio, Texas ?

Welcome to our awesome surrogacy program in sunny San Antonio! We're all about helping intended parents grow their families and supporting our fantastic surrogates on this wild and wonderful journey!

And let me tell you, San Antonio is not just any city—it's a thrilling playground for the intended parents while they eagerly wait for their bundle of joy! Get ready to soak up the sights, from the historic Alamo to strolling along the picturesque River Walk, or getting your adrenaline pumping with some hair-raising rides at Six Flags Fiesta! Oh, and don't forget to visit the adorable zoo to add some extra cuteness to the mix. It's gonna be a blast!

Our surrogacy program totally values the incredible contribution of our surrogates - YOU! You're the heroes who bring hope to those facing fertility challenges and make parenthood dreams come true for same-sex couples and singles. You rock!

If you're as excited as we are to start this incredible adventure, don't wait! Fill out our super easy intake form and let's get this party started. We're here to support and protect your health, finances, and family throughout this extraordinary journey. Let's make magic happen together and change lives for the better!

Why Should I Become A San Antonio Surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate is like being a real-life superhero, brimming with courage and a heart full of selflessness! You're not just carrying a baby; you're sharing this mind-blowing journey with the intended parents, making their dreams come true! And once that little bundle of joy arrives, they'll head home, and you'll have created a beautiful, life-changing story together. Talk about a heartwarming adventure!

We know you're incredible, so we've got an amazing compensation and benefits package just for you. Because you deserve to be showered with love, appreciation, and some extra sparkle to make this journey even more fabulous! Here are the benefits of becoming a Surrogate in Texas:

  • It's all about the perfect location! Texas surrogates have the advantage of being close to major cities, which means they can access top-notch medical centers renowned worldwide for their exceptional care.

  • Not only will you experience an amazing sense of self-fulfillment, but you'll also be giving the most precious gift imaginable to another family.

  • And that's not all! Surrogates in Texas have the opportunity to earn $55K+ with a benefits package tailored just for them.

  • But the best part? You'll build an everlasting bond with the grateful intended parents, creating a lifelong relationship that's truly heartwarming.

  • With your personal program coordination team and our surrogate support group by your side, you'll have all the support you need throughout this extraordinary journey.

  • The excitement doesn't stop there! You'll even have the chance to work with both local and international intended parents, making this journey an incredible and diverse experience.

So, if you're ready to be a real-life wonder woman and make all these fantastic things possible for you and the intended parents, let's join forces and create magic together!

Process For Becoming A San Antonio Surrogate

The path of the surrogate is a remarkable and fulfilling one, although it does come with its fair share of challenges (yes, pregnancy can be quite an adventure!). But fret not, because you are never on this journey solo! We'll be right there by your side, from the very first interview to well after the baby is born. We're committed to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring that this beautiful experience is filled with love, care, and shared joy. Get ready for an exciting journey as a surrogate with Inclusive Surrogacy! Here's the rundown of the steps to get you started:

  1. Fill out our surrogate intake form, and within 48 business hours, we'll let you know your status. If you qualify, you'll receive a more detailed application via email.

  2. Next, we'll set up an interview with our team, either over Zoom or in person (whichever you prefer) at a time that suits your schedule.

  3. Sign medical records releases so we can obtain your pregnancy and delivery medical records.

  4. Our team will review your medical records for a preliminary clearance. If everything looks good, you'll complete additional paperwork, including background checks, benefits package details, and an OB release form.

  5. We'll create your Surrogate Profile and present it to potential intended parents.

  6. Once matched with intended parents, we'll arrange a meet-up with one of our team members present.

  7. You'll visit the intended parents' IVF clinic for a full medical workup.

  8. You'll undergo psychological evaluations, and upon receiving the thumbs-up results, you'll officially be cleared as a gestational carrier with your intended parents and Inclusive Surrogacy.

  9. An independent attorney, paid for by the intended parents, will help you negotiate a legal contract that protects your rights as the surrogate and ensures the child is legally recognized as theirs.

  10. After the legalities are settled, a reproductive endocrinologist at the IVF clinic will prescribe the necessary medications for embryo transfer, and the pregnancy journey begins.

  11. Throughout your pregnancy, both the Inclusive Surrogacy team and your medical team will be there to support you and answer any questions you may have.

  12. The intended parents will take the necessary legal steps, with your cooperation, to acquire a court order before the baby's birth. This ensures their names are placed on the birth certificate, leaving you with no additional responsibilities beyond carrying and delivering the baby.

  13. The moment arrives—the baby is born! Everyone celebrates the new family you've helped to create! Rest assured, we're here to assist with any logistics and post-delivery concerns.

Get ready to make a significant impact and experience the joy of helping create a loving family! We're here for you every step of the way!

Qualifications For San Antonio Surrogates

  1. Age between 21-41 years old

  2. Be a citizen, legal resident or legal immigrant of the United States

  3. Have given birth to and be raising at least one child

  4. Have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries

  5. Be height-weight proportionate with a Body Mass Index (BMI) under 35

  6. Be in a stable living situation Have the support of your spouse or partner (when applicable)

  7. Not be on public assistance (public financial support)

  8. Have a valid driver's license

  9. Be able to pass a background check

  10. Not have any psychiatric illness

  11. Not smoke or take illegal drugs

  12. Be financially secure

  13. Have a stable lifestyle

  14. Be healthy overall

Got any burning questions about becoming a San Antonio surrogate? No worries, we've got you covered! Simply reach out to us or book a consultation with us. We're always excited to hear from you and provide any information you need.

And hey, if you're all revved up and ready to dive into this fantastic journey as a San Antonio surrogate, don't wait a second longer! Fill out our intake form today, and let's get this incredible adventure started together. We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

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