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Can cervical diseases lead to infertility?​

The uterus of a woman is the precursor of life, the one in charge of the gestation of the human being, where the fetus develops. There is no doubt that uterus is the most important part of the reproductive system of women and any disease or alteration can cause the infertility of women. When this happens, due to women inability to gestate the fetus, we need some alternatives such as surrogate motherhood.

Infertility can occur for various reasons, such as complications when producing oocytes, fallopian tube abnormalities, obstructions in the cervix that prevent the passage of sperm or any other uterine complication. In order to fight these problems, there are assisted reproduction treatments such as in vitro fertilization or ovodonation that have been able to help different women, who have been diagnosed with these problems.

There are different symptoms that can occur when experiencing female sterility. These symptoms are associated with pains, both in the pelvis and in menstruation, where this can also occur with many alterations, such as a greater amount of blood and alterations in the period. In addition, there may be other factors, such as hormonal irregularities that can be detected by the appearance of acne, obesity or excess body hair.

Given the impossibility of having children in this sense, surrogate pregnancy is a technique by which people can have children. In this way, they would be parents through a third person, who would be in charge of being able to gestate the fetus and give birth to the baby.

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