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Common fears of patients dealing with infertility

How reproductive doctors see their patients when they come for their first time

When our patients who are going to face a fertility treatment first come to our clinic, they come nervous, expectant and with fears. When we work with them, they refer to their most common fears as following:

They think that they will never get pregnant and they feel as if they were in a tunnel where the end is not seen ... they ask us how much time they need to achieve pregnancy and how many cycles they should do. It is important to keep in mind that each case is different and very individual.

The results of the diagnostic tests is another situation that worries them since we can come up with previously unknown problems. A difficult example to assume for patients is the case of conducting a semen study in which the laboratory informs us that no sperm is found.

Also, there are couples who express their fears to have a multiple gestation. Although we know that reproductive techniques (ART) have advanced considerably and fewer and fewer embryos are transferred, the law still allows the transfer of three embryos, with the risks that this entails.

Fear that children born via ART may have more problems because they were obtained in the laboratory, although there are multiple articles published that inform us about the safety of these types of treatments.

Finally, as useful tips to face a fertility treatment, we recommend to be calm, trust in the medical and laboratory equipment that has been selected and be patient because ... the vast majority of cases are resolved satisfactorily!

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