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Genetic incompatibility in the couple

Reproductive health is one of the sensitive issues that couples have to face when, after several attempts, they can’t have children. However, it is worth noting that despite having made several failed treatments, it still remains one last hope, which is surrogate pregnancy.

Surrogate pregnancy is one of the most used techniques by those couples who for purely health reasons or because they belong to the same gender can't have children in a natural way.

In this way, surrogate pregnancy is used as an alternative method to finally achieve parenthood despite the inconveniences suffered. Certainly, it is extremely important to emphasize that the probability that the birth is carried out successfully is 95%; therefore, it is always worth trying.

It is valid to point out that although there are incompatible couples to have children, this does not depend on a certain genetic load in itself, but on another kind of problem that has to do with reproductive health in itself or because it belongs to the same gender.

Contrary to what is popularly thought, it is best that couples have the least genetic similarity when it comes to procreation. The greater the genetic difference, the greater the degree of conception. Precisely, it is valid to point out that genetic incompatibility in itself does not exist.

In the case that both parents are Rh negative there are no problems, but it is valid to keep in mind, that of all the possible combinations, there is only a certain risk when the woman's blood group is Rh- and that of the man is Rh +, because it is possible that the baby might have health problems. However, these disadvantages do not occur in the first pregnancy but in later pregnancies, considering as the first pregnancy that which has not yet reached term.

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