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How stress affects fertility

If you are thinking about having a baby, you must first put into action in your day to day a philosophy and habits of healthy life that contribute and make it easier to fulfill the desire to become parents. In addition to taking care of your diet and leading an active life, it is recommended that you watch over periods of stress and if this situation continues over time, consult a specialist.

20% of the couples that consult a specialist about their problems to get pregnant, do not have an apparent physiological cause that can explain the problem. These unknown factors are often associated with stress. There is no scientific or medical reason that certifies it for sure, but the frenetic lifestyle that is currently lavished in society, overwork, and even the obsession to become parents, can directly influence the fertility of people.

The high levels of stress markers make it difficult to achieve conception, so it is necessary that we release this factor from our body that negatively affects our fertility and that of our partner. And, according to the data, women with high levels of stress and anxiety can ovulate up to 20% less than a woman in a normal situation or do it in an irregular manner, so the chances of their ovules being fertilized decrease in a substantial way. Men do not get rid of this situation either, and stress can also directly influence the quality of their sperm and therefore decrease the quality of their sperm.

In addition to changes in the body, infertility brings with it a problem with significant emotional consequences in the couple. The fact of not being able to have a child can cause stress, anguish and, in some cases, depression. This stress is intimately related to the experience of infertility, since it manifests itself as a result of the difficulty to conceive a child, of not knowing what is the cause of infertility, the uncertainty of not knowing if pregnancy will be achieved ... all this added to the pressure that can be felt from the outside world.

To get out of this stress circle, the first thing you should do is to know that this situation is

common in couples with fertility problems. After having that clear, it is advisable to ask for help to know what these problems are related to getting pregnant. If the result of that consultation is a diagnosis of infertility, remember that there are other ways how how your desire of being a parent can become a reality.

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