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How to find the right surrogate mother

When Intended Parents discuss their parenthood options and decide that surrogacy is the process through which they wish to build their family, then the process of finding the right Gestational Surrogate for their journey begins.

There are numerous ways how to find a Gestational Surrogate. One of the simpler ways seems to be when Intended Parents already know someone from their family or friends who could be their surrogate mother.

Although this way may seem convenient and an obvious choice, there is something about having a non-friend or non-relative as the surrogate mother. With a family member or close friend, there is always a situation of more complicated social and family relations which could cause many complications. It can get to the point where this situation can grow into tension or discomfort among all parties involved not only during the pregnancy but also after the child is born.

There are cases that worked out very well. There is a lot to consider before you make your decision. You want to make sure that your surrogacy journey is smooth and problem-free, as well as your new family´s life and future is happy and positive.

Another option is to locate a surrogate mother who is not relative or known. Although the cost associated with securing such surrogate is greater, this process may bring many advantages such as less tension or awkward situations during surrogacy journey and afterward. In general, Intended parents are able to keep more privacy for their new family. They are not obligated to keep a relationship with the surrogate who returns to her pre-surrogacy life with her partner and children after the birth. There is not a daily or special occasion reminder of a surrogate mother who is a relative or a friend.

In the end, there is no right or wrong how to find a surrogate because each couple or individual is different as well as their surrogacy journeys. It is important to carefully consider all aspects of both ways and decide for the right option.

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