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Myths and truths about fertility

Food, daily habits, sports ... There are many stories, advices, and warnings that are being told through the media and social networks, about how to promote fertility and avoid

infertility. But the truth is that not all of them have the contribution of a specialist doctor or someone who is truly qualified to give their opinion about it.

A long time ago, women were mostly blamed for problems to conceive; however, the reality is very different. Nowadays, it is known that these problems are due to 30% to female causes and 30% to male causes. The remaining 40% is due to mixed causes (25%) and unknown

reasons (15%).

This could be considered one of the great myths of fertility, but there are many others that are still rooted in society. Among them, we can include that achieving pregnancy is easy, that the use of oral contraceptives decreases fertility or that certain foods or natural therapies increase fertility. In the last case, it is not proven that certain foods increase reproductive capacity, but a healthy and balanced diet combined with exercise can be favorable.

Other myths related to fertility may be that certain sexual positions are more favorable to conception, that infertility is always hereditary and that phases of the moon directly influence


But ... What is the reality that is guaranteed by experts in fertility issues? The first, and very

important is that women age is the most determining factor and that the quantity and

quality of the ovules of women decrease at the age of 35 and decreases significantly from 40 onwards. In men, although it is not such a determining factor, age also influences the concentration and the mobility of sperm, which decreases by 0.7% with each year of increasing their age.

Weight is also an important factor, since women who have weight problems may experience

alterations of the menstrual cycle, absence of ovulation and metabolic problems that directly

affect fertility. In men, excess weight can lead to erectile dysfunction and even reduces the

quality of semen.

Why is it advisable to leave bad habits before looking for pregnancy?

It is because they directly affect your fertility. Smoking or drinking large amounts of alcohol can worsen the oocytes quality of the woman, and decrease the quality and quantity of sperm, as well as testosterone levels in the case of men. In addition, stress and anxiety also have an impact on the hormonal activity of both men and women.

Some treatments against cancer such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy can damage the

reproductive cells in the female case and damage the sexual organs in the male case. Having

suffered a sexually transmitted disease can also leave sequels in both men and women.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pregnancy, it is best to adapt your habits to favor, as far as

possible, the conception. Not smoking, not drinking alcohol, following a healthy and balanced diet and practicing sports are not determinants in the search for pregnancy but they will always be of help.

Last but not least, if you have any concerns you should always consult everything with your doctor first.

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