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Who is an Egg Donor

An egg donor is a woman who gives one or several ovules to another person with the purpose of helping them to conceive a child.

Once the patient is referred to a fertility specialist, the couple must undergo a medical

examination to determine the cause of their infertility. If the ovaries or ovules are of poor quality or in the case of early menopause, unexplained and sudden abortions, multiple failed IVF cycles, nonfunctioning reproductive organs or a hereditary genetic disorder, egg donation may be the ideal solution to experience the joy of pregnancy.


Conditions include ovarian failure due to radiation treatments or chemotherapy for malignant neoplasms, surgical removal of the ovaries or may be due to deterioration of ovarian function usually related to age.

Egg donation is also an alternative that is available to gay couples in the case of assisted

reproduction and surrogacy.

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