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How infertility can affect your relationship

A baby is like the beginning of all the wonderful things: hopes, dreams, and possibilities.

When a couple expects that getting pregnant is relatively easy but it is not happening when after a failed attempt comes another one, and another one... and then you enter the wheel of reproductive problems, frustration and discouragement and all of this can create a dent in your relationship.

How does it really affect our relationship? What can we do to protect it?

A baby is a beginning, there is no doubt; but in turn, we also have to see the baby as a continuation of ourselves. We will continue to preserve our essence, our values, ​​and our principles. But now, we will find the meaning of all these dimensions because we are going to transfer them, we will set an example with them and offer the world an extraordinary person ...

Decrease of couple´s social activities

Mental discomfort, discouragement or difficulty to face certain situations often make us reject plans of a social nature. It is very frequent that the presence of couples with children

or pregnant women causes discomfort, so a couple that is dealing with infertility has the tendency to avoid those situations. The problem is that the couple needs social and emotional support more than ever at this moment and they also need to purely "be busy" thinking about something else than pregnancy just for a couple of munites.

What can we do

It is important to work on the subject together, as a couple, from the beginning of the process. Ignoring the problem will only create discomfort and it can lead to misunderstandings ...


The moment we decide that we want to be parents, we have to start a communication process. Both of you must share how you feel about it, what you are afraid of, etc. When complications come and you have to undergo fertility treatments, you need to show your empathy even more.

I restart, leaving my wounds behind because I have healed myself as a person ...

A baby reinitiates us because it gets the best out of ourselves. It links us with more

strength to live, makes joy more intense and empowers us as human beings. But let us always remember that a key need that every child deserves is that their parents have

healed themselves as people. In case of not doing so, this re-initiation will lead to resentments of the past and fears that we could transmit to our children. We reinitiate ourselves to grow, to survive better, to be happy. Life is not a straight line. If it was, people would not learn from their failures or their success. We would not understand that sometimes it is better to leave certain things aside, take new paths, take a step back to gain momentum, avoid stones in the road, fall and get up again.

Life cycles, and in each cycle it is mandatory to restart. In that reboot, we add everything

we learned, everything positive, all the strengths and inner treasures. To these dimensions, the new winds that arrive on the horizon are added. Like that baby, like that new life, it is like a magical awakening that pushes us to keep on being the same, but different at the same time ... In that extraordinary journey, you are not alone. Our parents also restart: now they are going to be grandparents. Our siblings are going to accept the exciting role of becoming uncles and aunts. It is a developing process for everyone.

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